Cottage and Pearl

This is my first blog post…a few years behind the crowd, but something i’ve always wanted to do. The main impetus for writing and sharing is driven by love for my Scottish terrier, Dr. Watson and my unique neighborhood in Cambridgeport. Ma.


My Lil Scottie dog came to me via my mother who got him as a puppy in 2005. She was 88yrs old at the time. She was woman with a lot of optimism…not thinking that this dog would outlive her by many years. She passed in 2011. R.I.P

Zoom forward to 2016 and here we are on Memorial day after a few days in truro with my grands and their cousins…hanging out at home.

watsonIt’s hot and muggy so I’m hiding in the hostas . Dr Watson will be 11 years old   September 4th. I hope he makes it. He has lymphoma and is at the end of his chemo treatment with the cancer now in his liver and spleen. Let’s hope the final treatments give him some more good time in remission.